About Moi

Lyss is a woman aged 19-39, she is about this tall “ok_hand_sign_emoji_edible_frosting_rounds-rcbd72e40c0fa450196639a7e106ad4ec_zibjr_324” or “travel size”, for your convenience.

Lyss has an affinity for art, eloquence, and grandiloquence.

Lyss wanted to call this blog “midnight muse”, because she likes thinking about important stuff in the middle of the night, she likes music,  she likes the band Muse , and she likes the song Midnight Blue, but she found that some goth spell casting chicks had stolen it. If you wanted to call your blog “Pocketful of Poesies”, googled it to make sure it wasn’t taken and found yourself here, please feel free to blame the fact that your chosen name is not available on them. Also Midnight Muse is a hair color apparently.  One that she used to have:


Lyss likes it when you call her big papa.